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Some of the best are listed below. This includes what role the Moon sign and the different planets play in your pet's life.

Astrology of the U.S. Presidents

The movements in the sky affect your pets just like they do you and knowing what to expect from your pet on any given day can certainly make for a happier relationship. You can find free weekly horoscopes for your pet at Hororoscope. These can prepare you for changes in your pet's behavior by cueing you to their weekly ups and downs. There are many places online where you can compare Sun sign and find out how compatible you are with another person.

However, these can also be used to find out how compatible you are with your pet, or for finding out how compatible two pets will be with one another.

Just remember to "think pet" when checking out the resources below. Thinking about getting a pet and unsure about what sort of pet is right for you? The sites below can help with that.

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In astrology, timing is everything, so planning ahead is great advice. When is the best time to buy or adopt a new pet?

All U.S. Presidents aren't actually Leos!

Electional astrology can answer that question. Of course, you'll likely need an astrologer who is trained in this traditional form of astrology.

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Still, a pet is a huge commitment, so making sure the time is right will be well worth the time, money, and effort. One of the happiest and most enriching moments in your life just might be when you bring your new friend home. A pet can stimulate good moods and happy moments, reduce your sense of lonelinessm and help you to increase your social activities.

Uranus in Your Astrology Chart | Jessica Adams

They can be a source of never-ending joy and laughter as they dazzle you with their tricks and unique personality. With Jupiter soon to make its way into Capricorn, your Sun sign, a major new cycle is on the way. Meantime, with Jupiter tucked away in Sagittarius until it enters Capricorn from 2 December, this would be a good time to finish unfinished business, tie-up loose ends and make space in your work and private life for new stuff.

Jupiter may also be acting like an invisible guiding hand now, nudging you this way and that, so be prepared to listen to your intuition and the guiding voice within. While it will soon be time to explore pastures new, with Saturn, Pluto and the South Node of the Moon in Capricorn, you may have to travel lighter, to let go of impractical or unrealistic pipe dreams, to make space for the new.

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