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Calculation of Kua Number is based on a simple formula. For the calculation of Feng shui kua, 2 factor are taken into consideration - year of birth and Gender. Follow these simple steps to calculate Kua Number. Our Services. Home Feng Shui Kua Number. You can use these numbers to your benefit especially if you use them with your Kua Number. For example, you may decide to purchase a home with the numbers or in the address.

In Feng Shui, two is very lucky, especially when it comes to personal relationships and wealth. Whenever the Chinese give gifts, they do so in multiples.

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Two is the least multiple used. Always double whatever gift you give. If you normally give a child three gifts for a birthday, then give her six to increase luck. How to Maximize Auspicious Numbers There are other ways you can maximize auspicious numbers. You can combine numbers with other lucky symbols. The double happiness symbol can be combined with an infinity symbol, known as the mystic knot.

This knot is always created by using a series of six infinity knots tied together. If you use these two symbols together along with your Kua Number, then you create a very powerful symbol that is embodied by lucky numbers. It may seem that you are doomed to miss out on the perfect home for you and your family.

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There is an easyFeng Shui cure for this malady. All you need to do is change out your house number sign. It sounds too simple, but it should be with all things Feng Shui. All you need to do in order to neutralize the negative effects of the dreaded number four is to encircle the number. Once the has a nice circle around it, enclosing all of the numbers, you can move into your home confident that the negative energies usually drawn and associated with the number four is stopped dead in their tracks, to add a pun.

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Feng Shui. The East. OK Learn more. Calculate your Pa Kua Number. The Kua Number or Feng Shui Number , between 1 and 9, is the number which lets you single out the areas of your home which can bring you the most luck and with which you are in harmony. Finding out your Pa Kua Number and identifying the best areas for you, therefore is important!

Monthly horoscope predicts your fortune, wealth, career, health, love and romance.

Finding the lucky corners will help you attract abundance and prosperity in the various fields of your life such as Love, Health and Success. What are you waiting for? Calculate your Pa Kua Number and discover immediately how to attract good luck! How do you calculate your Pa Kua Number?

Calculate your number Select your birth date: Year Gender: F M.