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Avoid distractions at work and concentrate on the task at hand to stay active during this bumpy transit. You may notice that the rest of the zodiac is feeling themselves, ever since charming Venus entered the confident sign of Leo last Saturday, spreading a cool, calm and collected vibe to all. Borrow their attitude on Monday, when the Sun squares unpredictable Uranus, creating small snafus in your schedule.

Are you dreaming up some new financial goals? EST when a new Moon in Leo arrives. Mercury, your ruling planet, goes direct on Wednesday, helping you digest information more quickly and get your point across faster.. The messenger planet also rules your home and family zones, helping to create more harmony in your space.

Knowledge is power, Cancer. Work to gain a clearer understanding of your assets and debts this week while the Sun, your personal money ruler spends the week in your 2nd house of finances, values, and possessions. Work to create a healthy relationship with your cash, and understand what importance it places in your life.

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Venus, your domestic ruler, makes her way through the luxurious sign of Leo this week, helping you to upgrade your space. Be slow to react to odd news on Monday, when the Sun squares change-making Uranus — be even slower to open your wallet when these two heavenly bodies oppose each other. Your trusted intuition is strengthened on Wednesday when your spiritual ruler Mercury goes direct.

The Moon, your planetary ruler, begins an exciting new cycle in Leo on Wednesday at p. No one can rain on your parade this week, Leo. The Sun, your planetary ruler brightens your 1st house of self, first impressions, and appearance this week, charging you up to command the attention that you deserve. Venus, your career ruler, lends you a little mojo as she moves through Leo, supporting your image at the office.

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This is the time to ask for favors, and take on projects that best reflect your skills. Channel that restless energy into a more productive and sensual experience while these planets face off. Mercury, your financial ruler, moves direct on Wednesday, helping you to make informed financial decisions. You deserve to enjoy it. You need to dig deeper while the Sun lights your 12th house of inner growth, vulnerability, and conclusion this week. Connecting with your spiritual side is of the utmost importance to the development of your personal happiness.

Practice spending time alone with yourself to get closer to your inner voice. Venus, your planetary ruler of cash, moves through the elegant sign of Leo this week, giving you a regal air. An internal compass has been restored to you, as the messenger planet also rules Virgo. You may want to hold onto your cash on Friday when money-minded Venus squares Uranus, your planetary ruler of health and work.

Look into low-cost ways to take care of your health, such as an outdoor activity. The Sun lights your 11th house of groups, friendships, and goals this week, enhancing your natural charms. Take a little extra time planning out your work outfits this week so that your commute is effortless. This is not a time to be finicky with fashion. Mercury, your planetary ruler of inner growth and good luck, moves direct on Wednesday, helping you to find your stride. Consider the lessons that the messenger planet brought you over the past three weeks, and work to grow from them. The Moon, your career ruler, begins a new cycle in Leo on Wednesday at p.

EST, helping you to identify new opportunities to find your purpose. Maintain your steady footing on Friday, when your ruling planet, Venus, squares unpredictable Uranus. Stay alert and roll with the punches.


The Sun, your professional ruler, enhances your 10th house of career, structure, and public image this week, helping you to think strategically about your public persona. Reach out to friends and get feedback from your mentors as you cultivate your image. Venus, your romantic ruler, moves through the charismatic sign of Leo this week, giving you a little spring in your step.

Single Scorpios will enjoy this new enticing energy while the planet of love and beauty moves through this bold sign. Have patience with family and loved ones on Monday, while your career ruler, the Sun, squares Uranus, your planetary ruler of home and family. Pay attention to conflicts at home on Friday when love ruler Venus squares domestic Uranus.

Keep growing, sweet Sagittarius. Venus, your planetary ruler of well-being, moves through the charismatic sign of Leo all week, elevating your self-care regimen. Watch out for hiccups in your schedule on Friday when Venus, your health and work ruler, squares mischievous Uranus.

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Hold your head up high and work to be adaptable as these planets create unexpected scenarios. The Sun highlights your 8th house of transformation, mystery, and dramatic change this week, helping you to grow into your latest incarnation. Venus, your career ruler, lends you a bold new attitude at work as she moves through courageous Leo all week. Ask for what you want, speak up in meetings and try your hand at leadership. Uncomfortable conversations around cash and assets could arise on Monday when the Sun squares your financial ruler, Uranus. Take time to yourself on Wednesday evening while the Moon, your personal love ruler, begins a new cycle in Leo at p.

Keep your cool on Friday when your professional planet Venus, squares money-minded Uranus. Hold off on asking for a raise or budget increase while they clash. Are you ready to make a good impression, Aquarius? The Sun, your planetary ruler of love, brings attention to your 7th house of partnerships, contracts, and business this week, helping you to solidify your professional relationships.

Venus, your domestic ruler, moved into the charming sign of Leo last Saturday, instilling you with a new attitude of self-respect. Take the time to clean up your space and remove what no longer makes you happy — the lack of clutter will help you clear your mind. Listen carefully to your loved ones on Monday, when the Sun, your romantic ruler, squares against your ruling planet Uranus.

The Moon, your planetary ruler of health and work begins a new cycle in Leo on Wednesday at p. Get out of the house on Friday, when Venus, your personal planet of home and family squares your ruling planet Uranus. Embrace your independent spirit, and look for inspiration while these two planets are at odds. The Sun, your personal ruler of well-being moves through your 6th house of health, order, and service this week, encouraging you to take care of your body.


Be prepared for unexpected surprises in your routine on Monday, when the Sun squares unpredictable Uranus. The Moon, your planetary ruler of creativity and love, begins a new phase in charismatic Leo on Wednesday at p. EST, helping you to consider your potential. Your heart is protected on Wednesday when your romantic planet, Mercury, goes direct.

The sun will conjunct with Mercury, helping us to speak freely.

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Dreams have the opportunity to become a reality on the 31st when Saturn and Neptune form a sextile. And hold onto that positivity on Friday when action planet Mars squares Pluto, the planet of rebirth. Instead of resisting, let the energy pass and consider how you can turn your problems into solutions, but hold off on making any significant decisions. On Saturday, change-making Uranus trines Venus, the planet of beauty and change. Is it time for a mini makeover? Make sure that you get lots of sleep! Void-of-course periods are a great time to recharge your emotional and spiritual batteries.

Then, from Tuesday morning to Thursday afternoon, the moon wanes into Sagittarius, amping everyone up to get started on their big plans for February. On Thursday evening, the moon enters hard-working Capricorn for the rest of the week. This is the first-ever all-digital global march.