October 28 birthday astrology

I love reading your post. Self-disciplined, intense in love matters, but have great personal charm, so proud to be Scorpio. Hello my name is Chelsea and I love your tweets! Born on Oct. I would love a B-Day shoutout!

October 28, 1940 Birthday Facts

This is my birthday Limcloe on twitter, how totally awesome is this i am just now discovering Scorpio Season on twitter, fb etc, thanks to a Nov scorpion friend of mine but i am in love lol keep up the good work … ScorpiosInfinity. Your tweets about scorpios are so on point, I retweet all the time! I would love a BDay shout out too CalcoolatedRisk.

October 28 Birthday horoscope - zodiac sign for October 28th

Turning 21 this October 26th! Also, birthday shoutout on twitter please? Shout out to every scorpio celebrating their birthday on this day! Please tweet me a birthday wish. My birthday is on this date and I am your long-time follower on twitter : I really hope to get a birthday wishing from you! My real name is brandon and my twitter name is RanGaHah. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content October 26 Scorpios are easy to love yet hard to know.

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  • Love and Compatibility for October 28 Zodiac!

Friends and Lovers Although October 26 men and women may have few friends, this is the way they like it. Children and Family On some level, October 26 people are always at war with their background. You are often in the center of conflicts between real friends and those who simply want to use you. This can be a very positive thing because you are able to find the willpower and energy required to achieve success, while other people have simply given up.


This applies to your romantic relationships, the jobs that you take, as well as the causes that are near and dear to your heart. You tend to make decisions on an emotional level.

जाने 28 तारीख को जन्मे लोगों का व्यक्तित्व Your Birth Date 28 of month Say About You

Not surprisingly, you often end up in trouble because of emotional choices. Venus and Mercury really are having it out for people born on October If you feel stuck, or if you feel that you could be living a more fulfilling life, it is due to the fact that you got emotionally invested into things that you should have avoided.

By simply using your brain instead of your heart, you would be able to steer clear of losing situations. Black is the absence of color, and also represents purity. There is nothing purer than the total absence of something. This purity of purpose reflects the intensity of your tendency to emotionally invest yourself into something or someone. The luckiest numbers for those born on the 28 th of October are — 4, 14, 29, 37, and This is the deep and mystical insight and instinct that Scorpio people are all born with — yet for whatever reason, often those born on 28th October try to steer clear of relying on something as nebulous as that.

Rather, take the time to breathe deeply and tune in to what these messages and insights have to say. They exist to prevent you from being betrayed or taken advantage of, but also to guide you to those circumstances most likely to benefit you and those whom you love in the long run.

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Be very careful about the ideas that you entertain. Water is your paired element and in fact, out all 12 zodiac signs you are the only one with a fixed relationship to the element. You are very comfortable riding the seas of emotion and in turn, can be quite compassionate when others are having similar experiences. At times, you run the risk of diving too deep into the world of emotions, which leads to dark moods and stubbornness. However, if you continue to gain understanding the unpredictable nature of emotions, personal growth will surely follow.

Pluto is the planet of transformation and drives you for power, growth and renewal.